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Lead Service Line Inventory

Service Line Inventory Project Overview

As part of our commitment to Healthy Housing, Golden has launched its Service Line Inventory Project. Homes built before 1940 are at the highest risk of containing a lead or galvanized line, and if your home is potentially impacted, you will receive a letter in the mail and a text message from Five Star Energy Services, the City of Golden’s contractor, to begin the process of identifying and possibly replacing your line for free.

STEP 1:  Complete Consent Form

The letter and text message will ask you to complete and submit the Consent Form to enroll in the lead service replacement program. Enrolling in the program will give Golden and Five Star Energy Services consent to inspect and inventory your service line material and may automatically qualify residents for FREE service line replacement if lead or qualified galvanized material is found.

STEP 2:  Schedule Inspection

Five Star Energy Services will contact you following the completion of your consent to schedule potholing on the exterior of your property.
NOTE: You do NOT need to be home for this to occur. If you prefer an inspection to occur on your line inside your home (you MUST be present for an in-home inspection), please complete the form and contact Kerry Major at

STEP 3:  Determine Next Steps According to Inspection Results

Potholing will take place on your property. You will be notified at that time if your pipes are identified as lead or qualified galvanized lead, and you will be given instructions from city staff on how to proceed. If your lines are NOT identified as lead or qualified galvanized lead, you do not need to do anything.

NOTE:  Line replacement will be scheduled as soon as possible on a case-by-case basis.

Helpful Information

  • Understand more about why the City is participating in the Lead Service Line Inventory through the timeline below.
  • Potholing uses hydro evacuation, high-pressure water and a vacuum, to remove soil without breaking manmade structures to create two 12-inch holes to look at service lines and determine what material it is. Watch this Potholing Video to see how it works.
  • Concerned about how your property might look post-inspection? Don’t worry—the City of Golden and Five Star Energy Services will restore your property (including sod, landscaping, concrete, asphalt, etc.) upon completion of the potholing.

Service Line Timeline in Golden

  • Lead Service Line Timeline information as provided on the page displayed graphically.1937: Ordinance 151 is adopted in City of Golden requiring that service lines from street main to curb be made of copper, ceasing the use of lead.
  • March 16, 2021: EPA requires public water systems to create a service line inventory as part of the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions
  • Summer 2022 -2023: Golden contacts homes with suspected lead service lines, and volunteers are sought to participate in Lead Service Line Inventory.
  • December 2023: City Council approves and hires a contractor to conduct field investigations to develop a service line inventory.
  • January - June 2024: Golden notifies residents with potential lead service lines, and contractor conducts field investigations.
  • October 2024: Golden reviews service line investigation data, and completes and submits service line inventory to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
  • 2024 and Beyond: Residents who participated in field investigations and were determined to have a line that needs replacement are listed for a service line replacement paid for by the City.
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