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Erosion Control Guide

Protecting our Water During Landscaping Projects

Replacing irrigated turf grass with waterwise gardens will benefit water quality in the long run. During the transition however, erosion and contaminated run-off pose a threat. To avoid polluting our water systems with contaminated run-off, certain stormwater compliance measures must be observed.

Minimize Erosion from Bare Areas

Rain and wind can erode exposed soil. Soil is considered a pollutant akin to litter. Take care to keep it in place, especially during landscape conversion.

  • Install gardens as soon as possible
  • Mulch areas where turf has been removed. This can even be done before plants are planted.
  • Pay attention to downspouts—don’t wash dirt onto a neighbor’s property or into the street.
  • Use extra care for slopes and areas located next to driveways and sidewalks.

Deliveries of Soil or Mulch

Piles of soil, compost, or mulch can impede traffic and pedestrian access. These materials can also be washed into the storm drain.

  • Time deliveries so that materials can be placed the same day they’re delivered.
  • Place materials on the driveway or in the yard—not in the street or on the sidewalk.
  • Cover materials in case it rains, and divert runoff away from the pile.
  • Sweep up at the end of the day, prior to a rainstorm and once the material is used.
  • A Right of Way Permit is required if materials must be stored in the street or on the sidewalk.

Avoid a Citation

The City requires the use of erosion control measures. A citation for non-compliance with city codes may be issued if the City receives a complaint and observes the conditions listed below.

  • The erosion of soil or landscape materials onto off-site areas such as public sidewalks, gutters or streets where they can be washed into the storm drain.
  • Materials placed in the street right-of-way without a permit or control measures.

A few simple steps not only will save you a ticket, but also protect your investment from being literally “washed down the drain”!

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