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Housing & Homelessness Assistance

Need Help with Community Resources?

Assistance is available: Please contact Bodhi Horton at 303-621-5744 or 303-597-5220.

  • EBT card replacement
  • SNAP/ Food Stamp application
  • Medicaid application
  • Community referrals
  • ID, Birth Certificates, social security card
  • Limited shelter, housing info
  • SSDI/SSI application referral

Programs & Services

Please note that the City's goal is to provide information about as many resources as possible to the community in an effort to support Golden’s unsheltered and at-risk residents. Many of the linked pages or attached documents are neither affiliated with the City of Golden nor sponsored by us.

Housing Navigation Centers and Programs

The City continues to partner with the County and other JeffCo cities in the development of two centrally located Navigation centers designed to provide emergency shelter, permanent supportive housing, and space for non-profits and navigators to meet with clients and provide services.

Golden continues to collaborate with the Regional Homeless Coordinator and navigators from other JeffCo cities to provide support and resources to those who are homeless in Golden.

In addition to funding from the General Fund, Golden also supports this work through grant resources.

Eviction Prevention

In an effort to prevent increases to homelessness, the City provides resources and assistance to support eviction prevention for those who need one-time assistance to resolve past due amounts, as well as people who can no longer afford to stay in their housing units due to increased costs, by connecting them to resources that can provide long-term housing supports.

The City supports this work by providing funding to non-profit organizations through the Thriving Communities Grant, as well as direct support to Golden households with grant funding received by the City.

Unhoused Partners Working Group

Coordinated by the City, this group of non-profits and faith-based communities gather once a month to discuss, plan and coordinate their work around unhoused residents of Golden. The goal of this group is to prevent “siloed” work and to more effectively leverage the collective resources of the members to serve the identified needs of unhoused Golden residents.


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