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Recruitment & Training

Volunteer Recruitment & Training

Discover top-notch training at Golden Fire Department, where we go beyond minimum requirements to mold highly skilled firefighters. Our recruits undergo rigorous coursework and hands-on training experiences that meet and exceed industry standards.

What We Offer

Join Us!

The Golden Fire Department recruits three (3) different types of volunteers.

Volunteer Levels

  • Recruit:  No certifications or experience required. 
    • Must apply, be accepted into the program, and successfully complete our annual fire academy training
    • Sign up to be notified when we are recruiting for our next fire academy
  • Apprentice:  Colorado Firefighter I, Hazmat Operations, and EMT required.
  • Lateral:  Colorado Firefighter I, Hazmat Operations, EMT, and minimum 2 years experience within the last 4 years.

Career Positions

The Golden Fire Department maintains a limited number of paid staff positions. When paid positions are open and the City is hiring, they will be posted on our Job Opportunities page.

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