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About Us

Founded in 1879 when three rival fire companies merged, the Golden Fire Department has a long history of serving and protecting our community.

Today, the Golden Fire Department is divided into four divisions, each overseeing a different aspect of fire safety and fire prevention in the City of Golden.

Please contact us if you would like to see our most current organizational chart.


The mission of the Golden fire department’s dedicated professionals is to enhance the quality of life for the Golden Community through fire and injury prevention, education and the protection of life and property.


The Golden fire department strives for customer service excellence as a model combination fire department. We pride ourselves in always putting our customers’ needs above our own. Our department culture is grounded in inclusiveness, transparency and innovation. We protect each other through our dedication to training, safety and prevention. As a team of dedicated professionals, we are committed to the residents of Golden, our department and each other. All that we do is aimed at keeping Golden a premier place to live, play and work.

Purpose Statement

To serve in the Face of Adversity.


Leadership: Led by the Fire Chief, Administrative Coordinator, and our dedicated administrative staff.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Strategic Leadership: Establishing policies and operational plans.
  • Financial Oversight: Managing budgets and controlling expenditures.
  • Resource Management: Overseeing supplies, facilities, and equipment.
  • Personnel Administration: Handling team management and development.
  • Performance Evaluation: Continuously assessing and improving operational effectiveness.
  • Emergency Management Coordination: Our Administrative Division is dedicated to managing the full spectrum of emergency responses, from planning and mitigation to the active response and recovery during disasters or major incidents in Golden.
Fire Prevention & Community Risk Reduction

Leadership: Led by the Fire Marshal

Core Responsibilities:

Preventing fires and enhancing public safety through proactive code enforcement and public education.

The Fire & Life Safety Division works to keep Golden safe by combining stringent fire safety regulations and enforcement with community-focused education programs, ensuring everyone in the Golden community knows how to prevent fires and protect themselves.


Leadership: Led by our Training Officer

Core Responsibilities:

The Training Division prepares Firefighters, from probation through retirement, to serve as safe, effective and efficient team members who save lives and protect property. 

For more information on Firefighter Training, visit our Recruitment & Training page.


Leadership: Led by the Deputy Chief of Operations

Core Responsibilities:

As the largest division in our department, the Operations Division is at the forefront of responding to a variety of emergencies including fire suppression, rescue operations, and hazardous conditions.

The Operations Division is divided into three separate areas:

  • Response District 1: Covers calls in the northern area of the city.
  • Response District 2: Covers calls in the southern part of the city.

Both Response Districts collaborate closely, especially during major incidents.

  • Special Operations:
    • Technical Rescue Team (TRT): Specialized in high and low angle rescue, swift water rescue, ice rescue, and auto extrication. The team is also equipped to handle industrial rescues and hazardous materials response.
Wildland Firefighting: Given our location near urban-wildland areas, all firefighters are cross-trained in wildland firefighting. Each recruit achieves a ‘Red Card’ national accreditation in wildland firefighting, alongside their structural firefighting training and certification.
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