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Arch Banner Requests

The space under the Golden Welcome Arch on Washington Avenue is available to advertise only Golden-specific events with a Special Events Permit.  If you are applying for a Special Event Permit with the City of Golden through the Special Events office, you may also apply to have a banner placed under the arch to advertise your event.  If you are a Golden-based non-profit hosting an event in the City of Golden, you may also apply to advertise your event by hanging a banner under the arch. 

Banners are reserved by submission of an application, based on the schedule below. Payment must be made at the time of the application for your banner request to be considered.

Month Requested for Banner Request Submission Open Date
January — March Starting November 1 of preceding year
April — December Starting January 2 (or first work day) of the same year
Special event permit holders may submit a request to reserve the banner for the week of, or the week preceding their event. The requested week is not guaranteed, and you should not consider your banner application approved until you have received written notice from the City of Golden.

Requests for hanging a banner will be approved in the following order:
  • City of Golden banners
  • Banners advertising Golden-based events holding a special event permit for the week requested
  • Banners advertising Other Golden-based non-profit events occurring in the City of Golden
The City of Golden is the only entity authorized to suspend materials from the arch. The arch is owned by the City of Golden and as such, the City reserves the right to deny any banner request.

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Banners must be made to the following specifications; banners not conforming to the required specifications will NOT be hung. Any substantial deviations from these specifications may deem the banner unsatisfactory for display and it will be returned to the responsible organization.

Hemmed overall size
  • Height: A maximum of 34 inches tall
  • Length: 18 feet to a maximum of 27 feet long
  • Air cut-outs: Required
Banner Materials
  • Sturdy cloth or vinyl to withstand weather. The City reserves the right to place additional cut-outs if deemed necessary and is not responsible for rips, tears or damages due to inclement weather or high winds. Banners that are damaged due to weather will be removed and may be picked up or discarded.
  • NO ROPE. Please do not go to the expense of having rope sewn into your banner. It interferes with installation and will likely be cut away by city staff during installation.
  • Grommets:
    •  3/8″ grommets should be installed in all four corners, and as close to the corners as possible.
    • Grommets should be installed at 2-foot increments along the top edge, no more than 1 and 1/8 inches from the edge.
    • Grommets do not need to be installed along the bottom edge.
When will my banner hang?
Banners are generally hung on Monday mornings, and will hang from Monday to Monday.  In the event a weather or other situation prevents the banner from being hung on Monday morning, it will get hung on the next available day.  There are no pro-rated refunds for banners that do not hang for a full week.
When should I drop off my banner?
Please drop banners off no later than Wednesday of the week prior to the week your banner is scheduled to hang.  Banners dropped off later than that date are not guaranteed to be hung.
Can I request more than one week to hang my banner?
No. You may only request one week for your banner.  Occassionally there is an available week after your requested week, in which case you may ask to have it hang for an additional week.  There will be an additional $125 charge for an additional week.
What if I don't get the week I requested?
You should request your first choice date, and a second choice date.  In the event that neither date is available, we will work with you to find a week to accomodate your banner request.  If we don’t manage to find a week that works, your banner payment will be refunded in full.
How much does it cost to hang a banner?
There is a $125 fee for hanging your banner.
Where do I drop off my banner?
Banners should be dropped off at the City of Golden, Office of Special Events, located on the second floor of the Golden Visitor and Information Center, 1010 Washington Avenue.
How will my banner be returned?
You will be notified when your banner is available for pick up at the same location, and should be picked up promptly.
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