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Management Team

City Manager’s Office

As the central hub of administrative operations, the City Manager's Office leads the charge in implementing the visions and policies set forth by the City Council. Acting under the authority of our City's Charter, the City Manager serves as the main administrative officer, ensuring the smooth and effective operation of our city government.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Leadership and Oversight:  Guided by professional leadership, our office oversees the city's day-to-day operations, coordinating closely with dedicated department directors who bring expertise and innovation to each city function.
  • Strategic Planning:  We're constantly looking ahead, identifying and crafting solutions to meet our community's challenges and opportunities. Whether it's enhancing existing programs or initiating new ones, we're committed to preparing our city for the future.
  • Budgeting for the Future:  Each year, the City Manager meticulously prepares a budget proposal, focusing on fiscal responsibility while aiming to meet the community's needs. This proposed budget is then presented to the City Council for review and approval.
  • Engaging with Our Community:  We pride ourselves on fostering a sense of pride and trust in city government. Exceptional customer service is not just a goal—it's our standard, ensuring that every interaction reflects our dedication to serving you.

Our mission is to translate the City Council's goals into reality, managing resources wisely and working tirelessly to enhance the quality of life for all our residents.

Scott VargoCity Manager, Scott Vargo

(303) 384-8010

Scott Vargo has been City Manager since 2022 and previously served as County Manager and other leadership roles for Summit County since 1999.

Deputy City Manager, Carly LorentzCarly Lorenz headshot

(303) 384-8012

Carly Lorentz has been Deputy City Manager since 2017 and is responsible for assisting the City Manager in providing leadership and administering the affairs of Golden city government. Prior to her work in Golden, Carly worked for the neighboring City of Wheat Ridge.

City Attorney's Office

Our mission is to provide excellent legal services that reflect the values and achieve the goals of the City as well as respecting the rights of all people.

The City Attorney is appointed by and reports to City Council.  The City Attorney is the legal advisor to City Council, City staff, and all City boards and commissions in matters related to their official powers and duties.  In addition, the City Attorney represents the City in all legal proceedings; drafts all ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and all other legal documents for the City; attends all Council meetings; and performs all services related to the position as required by the City Charter, the ordinances of the City, or the Council.

The City Attorney’s Office can not give legal advice to private individuals.  Any person seeking information about his or her individual rights and responsibilities should contact a private attorney, or seek other available legal assistance.

Sandra Llanes headshotCity Attorney, Sandra Llanes

(303) 597-5212

Sandra Llanes was appointed by City Council in October 2023.  She is the first in-house attorney for the City, has over twenty years experience in municipal law, and is a long time resident of Golden.

City Management Team

Joe Harvey headshotPolice Chief, Joe Harvey

(303) 384-8030

Kasey Beal headshotFire Chief, Kasey Beal

(303) 384-8090

Monica Mendoza headshotCity Clerk, Monica Mendoza

(303) 384-8014

Anne Beierle headshotPublic Works Director, Anne Beierle

(303) 384-8153

Jeff Hansen headshotFinance Director, Jeff Hansen

(303) 384-8020

Kristen Meier headshotHuman Resources Director, Kristen Meier

(303) 597-5209

Meredith Ritchie headshotCommunity Engagement & Communications Director, Meredith Ritchie

(303) 384-8132

Jiles McCoy headshotChief Innovation & Technology Officer, Jiles McCoy

(303) 384-8063

Rick Muriby headshotCommunity & Economic Development Director, Rick Muriby

(303) 384-8098

Theresa Worsham headshotSustainability Manager, Theresa Worsham

(303) 384-8117

Sarah Vaine headshotThriving Communities Director, Sarah Vaine

(303) 384-8075

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