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Home Rule City

The City of Golden is a Home Rule City, which means it has been granted the authority to independently govern itself. To this end, Golden has adopted a City Charter—a kind of “local constitution”—to manage its affairs, enact ordinances, and establish local government structures and processes that best suit our specific needs. This autonomy allows Golden to address local issues more effectively and tailor its governance and regulations to better reflect the values and priorities of our residents.

Leadership Structure

Golden is governed by an elected City Council and Mayor who appoint a City Manager, City Attorney and Municipal Judge. 

The City Manager provides managerial leadership to City departments and ensures that the City operates smoothly, uses resources effectively and efficiently, and implements the policies set forth by Council.

The City Attorney is the legal advisor to City Council, City staff, and all City boards and commissions in matters related to their official powers and duties.  The City Attorney’s Office can not give legal advice to private individuals.  Any person seeking information about their rights and responsibilities should contact a private attorney, or seek other legal assistance.

The Municipal Judge adjudicates all cases filed pursuant to the Golden Municipal Code and Charter.

City Council also appoints members to various boards and commissions that focus on specific city needs, including sustainability, business and economic health, and other needs that are identified by the community.

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