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City Council

Golden City CouncilAs established by City Charter, the Golden City Council is the legislative and governing body of the city. City Council adopts laws, ordinances, and resolutions as they see are in the best interests of the city.

There are seven members who make up City Council:
  • Four (4) council members are elected from wards
  • Two (2) are elected from districts (District one includes wards one and two. District two includes wards three and four)
  • The mayor is elected at-large
Role of City CouncilCity Council acts as the governing body that shapes the direction, policies, and administration of the City of Golden, aiming to improve the quality of life for its residents while ensuring sustainable and responsible governance.

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Legislative Responsibilities: Responsible for enacting local laws, ordinances, and regulations. They set policies that affect the city's operations, residents, and businesses.
  • Budget Approval:  Reviews, amends, and approves the city budget, which includes allocating funds for public services, infrastructure projects, and city administration.
  • Oversight and Administration: Oversee the implementation of city policies and programs, and appoints key city officials, including the municipal attorney, the municipal judge, and the city manager.
  • Public Services and Welfare: Works to ensure the provision of essential public services such as police and fire protection, waste management, and water supply.
  • Land Use and Zoning: Responsible for decisions related to land use, zoning, and urban planning. This includes approving development projects, managing public land, and setting zoning regulations to guide Golden’s growth and development.
  • Community Representation:  Represent the interests and concerns of their constituents. They engage with residents, attend public meetings, and work to address the community's needs and issues.
  • Inter-governmental Relations:  May interact with other levels of government (county, state, federal) to coordinate on projects, secure funding, and comply with broader regulations that impact the city.
  • Emergency Response and Preparedness: Ensure the city has plans and resources in place for responding to emergencies, and may be involved in decision-making during crisis situations.
Attend a MeetingCity Council meets twice monthly in Council Chambers, located in City Hall at 911 10th St, except when rescheduled due to holidays or other scheduling conflicts. Please check the Community Calendar for information on meeting dates.

City Council agendas, minutes and recorded meetings are available for public viewing on our Public Meetings page

For archives from earlier meetings, please contact the City Clerk for more information.
Contact a Council MemberIf you have a request for a city service, please use our Public Service Request App. There are different ways you can contact a Council member: 
  • Public Comment:  To send public comments related to items on an upcoming council agenda, please email 
  • Other Topics:  To contact Council about a topic not currently on the agenda, please email  
  • Attend a Meeting:  Visit one of our Council meetings where you may sign up to share your ideas with City Council.
  • Coffee with Councilors:  Join your neighbors for Coffee with Councilors on the first Saturday of the month at 10 a.m. in the Golden Community Center Bear Creek South room (1470 10th St.) to discuss issues happening in our community with your elected officials.
Public RecordEmail comments received by the end of each week are compiled and published the following Monday. These emailed comments are published to promote engagement and government transparency. If you do not want your email published, please write “Do not publish” in the subject line and we will do our best not to include your email in the public posting. Emails are removed after 30 days.

Weekly Council Comment Emails
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