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As the City of Golden grows, so does traffic congestion. While we encourage the use of alternative transportation methods whenever possible, we also recognize that driving a car is often necessary.

Road Closure Map

Sometimes events in the city or construction and road repair projects make road closures necessary.

To help minimize driving headaches, view our Public Road Closures Map before you head out. You’ll find both active closures and planned closures. Click on the marked closure line for detailed information.

Free EV Chargers

The City of Golden aims to be a local leader in electrifying transportation and has declared Golden a “GoEV City”, with pledges to electrify our transportation sector and reduce pollution.

Golden has installed 9 dual port electric vehicle charging stations across Golden so residents and visitors can enjoy local attractions and businesses while charging for free. These include chargers located at the following locations:

  • Jackson Street Garage
  • 12th Street Garage
  • City Hall Annex
  • Golden Visitors Center
  • The Astor House

Carpool Options

If you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint as a daily commuter, but current public transportation options don’t work for you, consider sharing the drive with a carpool. 

  • Way to Go Carpool Matching:  If you don’t know anyone with the same commute, Way to Go provides a free carpool matching service, helping local residents find neighbors who have the same commute.
  • Way to Go Vanpool Service:  For distances of more than 15 miles each way, consider the Way to Go Vanpool option. For a monthly fare, Way to Go provides a vehicle, which includes insurance, fuel and maintenance, and matches you with others who share your commute. Together, you’ll appoint drivers and share the monthly fee.

Traffic Impacts Beyond City Limits

  • Not all projects impacting traffic through our community are managed by the City.
  • Learn more about current road conditions and traffic impacts at, managed by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).
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