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Sign Permit

All permanent or replacement signs require a building permit application before construction or modification. Illuminated, neon, or fluorescent signs also require an electrical permit.

Signs are not permitted to obstruct any sidewalk or handrails or within a road right-of-way (ROW).

For Planning Department regulations on signage see Municipal Code Chapter 18.32.  Additional regulations for downtown signage can be found in Municipal Code Section 18.32.075 and Section 18.40.750.

Visit the Online Permit Portal and apply for the permit under Building (Other Building Permits). 
Portable and Temporary Signs
Portable signs such as sandwich board signs do not require a permit, however, the City Planning Division must review the sign before installation. Email with a simple sketch that includes the type, size and location of the sign.

Temporary signs such as Banner signs require a permit.  They may only be up for 45 days, and may not exceed 32 square feet or extend above the height of the wall to which it is affixed. Banner signs should not exceed ¼ the length of the individual store frontage.Questions?
Sign Permit Application questions:  Contact the Building Department at (303) 384-8151 or
Sign Regulations questions:  Contact Planning at (303)384-8097 or
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