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Sidewalk Display & Seating Permit

(303) 384-8097 1445 10th Street, Golden, Colorado80401

Do I Need a Public Sidewalk & Display Permit?

A Public Sidewalk & Display Permit is required for using or installing any of the following on a public sidewalk:

  • Outdoor seating area
  • Displaying or selling goods, or providing services
  • Kiosks or structures


Certain uses of the public sidewalk are allowed without a permit, provided the use doesn't cause a public safety or property hazard, prevent the flow of pedestrian traffic, or violate other provisions of the Golden Municipal Code.

See Municipal Code 4.90.040  for uses allowed without permits.

If you are uncertain, please contact Planning at (303) 384-8097 or for additional information.

Application Process

  • Please review the requirements and conditions of a Public Sidewalk & Display Permit before applying.
  • Must provide written consent and authorization by all owners of property in front of or next to the sidewalk area that would be impacted.
  • Provide a detailed site plan showing the sidewalk and placement of the display or seating area on the sidewalk, and dimensions of the display/seating area.
  • Provide proof of liability insurance.
  • Detail type of goods or services to be sold or displayed in the permitted area, and expected hours of operation.
  • Visit the Online Permit Portal and apply for the permit under "Planning".

See the Comprehensive Fee Schedule for application fees.

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