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Parking Lane Patio Permit

Do I Need an Parking Lane Patio Permit?

Parking Lane Patio Permits (also called an Outdoor Seating & Service Permit in Municipal Code 4.90) are required for the Seasonal Outdoor Business Program that the City of Golden offers between the months of May and October.

This program allows for seating enclosures to be installed by the City of Golden in the parking lane/alley area for seasonal usage. 


  • Parking Lane Patio Permits are only available in the C2 (general commercial) zone district.
  • Parking Lane Patio Permits are only issued for the period between the third Friday in April to the first Tuesday of November in a given year.
  • Fencing barricades are required to enclose the seating area, but cannot be higher than four (4) feet, and no more than 50 percent opaque. 
  • Additional requirements and conditions are available in Municipal Code 4.90.065.

Application Process

  • Must provide written consent and authorization by all owners of property in front of or next to the parking lane that would be impacted.
  • Provide a detailed site plan of the proposed permitting area.
  • Detail type of services to be sold in the permitted area, and expected hours of operation.
  • Visit the Online Permit Portal and apply for the permit under "Planning".

See the Comprehensive Fee Schedule for application fees. Email for more information regarding requirements and program details.

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