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Film in Golden Permit

Do I Need a Film Permit?

If you are planning to film any kind of production in Golden, you MAY need a film permit, depending on certain factors.

No permit is necessary if ALL of the following are true:

  • Production Budget is less than $10,000
  • Cast and Crew total is less than 5 people
  • NO electrical generation, and NO cables or wires are being run
  • NO lights are being set up
  • Traffic control is NOT being used
  • Pedestrian traffic on sidewalks is NOT obstructed
  • Public parking will NOT be impacted
  • Public right of way will NOT be impacted

If your production does not meet ALL of the above criteria, you are required to obtain a film permit within 5 days of shooting.

How to Obtain a Permit

  • Apply: Complete the Application for Permission to Film
    • You must secure the permit within five (5) days of shooting so plan accordingly
    • There is no charge for a film permit, but there may be fees associated with obtaining Right of Way Permits if you request street or sidewalk closures
  • Liability Insurance:  
    • All productions are required to secure and manage, at their own expense, liability insurance. This insurance must cover at least $1,000,000 for any claims, demands, or liabilities that might arise from filming activities.
    • This insurance is a must-have on top of any other insurance that laws might mandate. Please  understand that failing to obtain or maintain the right amount, duration, or type of insurance does NOT exempt your organization from responsibilities or liabilities.
    • Before your Permit to Film can be approved, you must provide the City with a copy of your insurance policy for review and approval. It's also mandatory to include "The City of Golden and its employees" as additional insured parties on your policy.

What the Permit Covers

  • Allowed by the Permit:  The film permit allows you to film on any public or city-owned property, including parks, streets, downtown, and public art .
  • Not Allowed:  The film permit does NOT allow filming on private property without permission and consent of the property owner. Please refrain from filming the general public without their express permission.
  • Allowed with ADDITIONAL Permits Only: 
    • Pyrotechnics and/or explosives are NOT permitted in conjunction with filming without first obtaining an Operational Permit issued by the Golden Fire Department.
    • Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or “drones” is permitted during filming, however, you must first obtain a UAS (Drone) Permit.
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