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Sales & Use Tax

Who Needs a Sales & Use Tax License?

If you're running a business in Golden, you'll need a Sales & Use Tax License. This rule applies to everyone - whether you're offering professional services, running a charity, managing a home business, setting up shop temporarily, or even if you're a door-to-door salesperson.

However, if your business only sells things online to people in Golden (what we call having "economic nexus"), you'll fill out a shorter form called the Remote Seller Information Form, which is free.

Sales & Use Tax License Application Sales & Use Tax License Renewal

What You Need to Know

  • Everyone Needs a License:  It doesn't matter if you don't physically sell products; if you operate in Golden, you need this license.
  • One License Per Location:  If you have more than one place where you work in Golden, each one needs its own license.
  • Licenses Stay Put:  You can't transfer them between locations or owners.
  • Renewing Your License:  It costs $20 to renew your license, which is good for two years, ending on December 31 of every even-numbered year. Renew your Sales & Use Tax License online!
  • Charities Are Special:  If you're running a charitable organization, you still need a license, but you don't have to pay the fee.
  • Temporary Setups:  Temporary vendors or event sellers need to put down a $50 deposit for their license, which you'll get back after you submit your sales and use tax return for the event.
  • Door-to-Door Sales:  If you're selling door to door, it's a good idea to carry your license with you.
  • New Business Owners:  Bought or started a new business? You'll need to file an initial use tax return with the city.
  • Why It Matters:  Getting licensed means the City knows who you are and that your business fits zoning regulations. It keeps everything organized and legal.
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