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Development Applications

Guide to Starting Your Development Project in Golden

First Steps:  Know Your Zoning

  • Understand Your Goals and Limits: Know what you want to do and what regulations allow.
  • Check Your Zoning: Look up your property's zoning on the Golden Zoning Map.
    • Use Zone – Zoning determines the uses allowed on a given property
    • Form Zone Overlay – The Form Zone Overlay determines what kind of Form Types can be built on a given property. Properties not within a Form Zone Overlay, will be held to legacy zoning standardsRE, AG, CO, M1 & M2
    • PUD - Contact Planning and Zoning 
  • Find More Property Info: Get additional details from the Jefferson County Map.
  • Development Guides: Check with Golden Planning for common questions.
  • Fees: Check potential fees on the Comprehensive Fee Schedule.
  • Zoning Letter: Request a zoning letter through the Online Permitting Portal for zoning details, PUD requirements, and more.

Preapplication Meeting:  Get Started Right

  • Required or Not?:  A preapplication meeting is required for some types of projects, but only recommended for others.
  • Meeting Request:  Submit a meeting request through the Online Permitting Portal and include:
    • A scaled site plan (to the best of your ability) showing the proposed project, including proximity to property lines and all existing structures on the lot
    • A narrative describing your proposed project
  • Free!:  Your first meeting is free or charge.

Neighborhood Meeting:  Engage the Community

  • Required or Not?:  A neighborhood meeting is required for some types of projects, but only recommended for others.
  • Why It Matters:  Share your plans, get feedback, and refine your project.
  • Set It Up:  Request a meeting through the Online Permitting Portal
  • Prepare Your Presentation:  You'll present your plans, but city staff won’t present.
  • Timing:  Submit an application within 90 days after the meeting or you might need another meeting.
  • Cost:  Check the Comprehensive Fee Schedule for associated fees.

Development Application:  Make It Official

One or several types of applications may be required, depending on your project. All applications are available on, and submitted through, the Online Permitting Portal.

The Submission Process

  • Initial Review:  Once an application is submitted, city staff will conduct an initial review to make sure all documents required are included.
  • Comment Period:  Once the application is accepted, city staff will send it out to referral agencies for comments.
  • Revisions:  Application is returned to the applicant for any needed revisions.
  • Resubmission:  Applicant resubmits until all issues are addressed.
  • Final Decision:  Final decision process to approve or deny will be scheduled.
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