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Code Violations

Zoning Code (Title 18) Complaints

Title 18 complaints refer to perceived violations of Municipal Code Chapter 18, which outlines what is and is not allowed by the Golden Zoning Code. 

Our zoning code is all about supporting the goals of the Golden Comprehensive Plan and Neighborhood Plans. Its aim is to look after the health, safety, and well-being of everyone in Golden. We want to make sure our city looks great, respects our history, and continues to be a thriving place for people and businesses.

How to Report a Title 18 Violation

Step 1: Make a Report & Include Photos

Fill out our  Title 18 Complaint Form.
Photos really help us understand what's going on, so please upload pictures of what you think is a violation.

Step 2: We'll Check It Out
Once we have your complaint, our team will take a look. If we can see the problem from public areas like streets or sidewalks, we might be able to sort it out quickly. We'll reach out to the property owner or person living there to talk about the issue.

Step 3: What if We Can't See It Ourselves?
Sometimes, the problem isn't visible from public spots. In these cases, we'll need your help to prove it's happening. You might need to provide a record of when and where you've seen the violations, along with your photos or notes. If we have to go to court, you'll need to be ready to show your evidence.

Step 4: Deciding on a Citation
If there's clear evidence from your report and our observations, we can issue a citation to the person breaking the rules. But we only do this if we're sure there's enough proof of the violation and there has been unsuccessful attempts to rectify the situation with the property owner.
Understanding Golden's Title 18 Regulations08  09

Outdoor Lighting
  • Be Neighbor-Friendly with Lighting:  Make sure outdoor lights (apart from ornamental ones, like solar landscape lights) have covers to prevent glare and focus the light downward, not outward.
  • Right Light Strength:  Outdoor lights should be no stronger than 60 watts, or 8.8 LED watts.
  • Use Frosted or Opaque Shields:  This helps diffuse the light evenly and downwardly.
  • Direction for Security Lights:  If you have motion sensor lights for security, point them downwards to focus on your property.
  • Lighting Code Reference:  The lighting code is outlined in Section 18.34.070 of the Municipal Code. 
Household Limits 
  • Families related by blood, adoption, marriage, civil union, or domestic partnership can live together with up to two extra people.
  • If there's an accessory dwelling unit (like a mother-in-law suite), they can have up to three extra people.
  • Up to four unrelated adults and their dependents can live together.
Running a Business from Home (Home Occupation)
A “Home Occupation” is a business you can run from your house, as long as it's secondary to living there and doesn't change the feel of your home.  For more information on Home Occupation regulations please see Section 18.42.020 of the Municipal Code.

What's Not Allowed:
  • Selling items not made by household members.
  • Paid vehicle repairs or modifications (except as a hobby, following specific rules).
  • Running an animal hospital or kennel, restaurant, or certain marijuana-related businesses.
  • Repairing or using equipment with combustion engines.
  • Operating a large daycare exceeding specific limits.
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