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Contractor License

A Contractor License is required for any contractor who is working on a project within city limits that requires a permit. If you aren’t sure whether your project is located within Golden city limits, visit the Jefferson County Address Wizard, enter the address, select the address you are researching, and scroll to the bottom of the page for Municipal Status.

The City of Golden requires that all licensed contractors be identified on building permits before the permit can be issued or inspections occur.

If your company has had any changes in staff, your current contact details might not be linked to your license within the Online Portal. If you're not sure whether you have a license due to these changes, please reach out to us by emailing
How to Apply for a New License
  • Apply through our Online Portal
  • Register for an account if you don’t have one already.
  • In the Permitting Portal, navigate to “Licenses” then “Apply for a New License.”
  • All licensed contractors are required to be identified on the permits before issuance and inspections occur.
  • We do NOT require a certificate of liability.
  • We DO require state license information for plumbers and electricians. Please note, we do not administer or require testing for general trade licenses–you are responsible for ensuring your plumbing/electrical license is up-to-date and valid. Please do not email us your updated plumbing/electrical license–you may update the record online:
    • Log in to the Online Portal
    • Go to “Licenses” tab
    • Click on “Amendment” located under “Records”.
    • Go through the pages and confirm contact.
    • Upload your updated state license.
    • Save and submit.

Contractor License Fees
  • Contractor License Fee:  $100.00/Trade
  • Electrical Contractors:  No Fee
Plumber & Electrician License RequirementsEach contractor working on-site is responsible for ensuring their state-issued plumbing or electrical license is up-to-date and valid. The City does not do any testing for general trade licenses. 

The State of Colorado mandates that inspectors may randomly check for state electrical and plumbing license compliance at commercial and multi-family projects.

Update Your State-Issued License Information

Please do not email us your updated plumbing or electrical license–you may update the record online:
  • Log in to the Online Portal.
  • Select “Licenses” tab
  • Click on “Amendment” located in the action bar under "Records"
  • Go through the pages and confirm contact. Amendment Details, select  "Add a Row" and the state license numbers can be added.
  • Upload your updated state license document.
  • Save and submit
Contractor License Renewals

Renewal emails will be automatically sent to the contact person on the license 30 days prior to the expiration date. 
In the portal when you log in, you will see the action bar, and next to your license will be " Renew Application"
Select that hyperlink and go through the license and confirm your information. At the end, you will make the payment, if required, and we will confirm your license and issue the renewal. 

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